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A source of information on gyroplanes & autogires. There are many pages of good resources here, plus a continually updated list of off-site links.
d'informations sur les autogires

Cirva Pitcairn Autogiro
An early autogyro
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Avian 2/180 Avian 2/180 gyrocopter more
Avian 2/180 gyrocopter Images

links to other sites with relavent information about gyroplanes Gyroplane Off-Site Links:  
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Autogyro N68665 Au

Regalpony: to promote the advancement of knowledge, public education, and safety among gyrocopter enthusiasts.

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Bossgyro concept
Bensen rotor head
Mr. Igor Bensen
Bensen gyrocopter history
synchronized flying
stabilator position

Canada: CFI Training Locations:

-> Gyro Ontario
-> Magni Gyro
-> AirPro Gyro
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