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Flying the 1st "People's Plane" the Moth

There's a familiar ring to this story.

This is about the De Havilland Moth Biplane: DH60

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  In 1925, Mr. Geoffrey de Havilland took his DH60 biplane"Moth" for it's first flight over "The Commonwealth" (in England. *1). Having built it for himself, he had no idea how popular it would become through out the world. It was often reffered to as "The People's Plane".

It cost the same as the family car, at that time, and could be easily serviced and maintained. It was affordable.
Easy to learn and fly, the "Moth" could even be towed home (with wings folded) by the family car.

The biplane first flew in Canada in 1927. Most were purchased by the airforce.

The gyroplane first flew in Canada in the 1950's. Records indicate that it was Bernard Haseloh who made the first gyroplane flight in Canada.
Having been refused registration of his helicopter invention in 1940 and told to dismantle the prototype by the Canadian Transportation Bereau, Mr. Haseloh turned to autogyro's. He was key in the design and production of the first Canadian "enclosed cockpit" gyroplane (autogyro): the RAF1000, in 1987.

The gyroplane could be termed "The 2nd People Plane", because of it's affordability and ease of maintenance.

  *1 - Canada was part of the Commonwealth at that time.  
* Added to as information is received / found  
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Who was the first person in Canada to get a gyroplane license?

That would be Bernard Haseloh. He is well known as a pioneer
in the gyroplane industry. He developed one of the world's best
rotor blade designs and is credited with designing the folding mast
for a two place, side by side seating, gyroplane. (C-GUAG)
Alberta, Canada

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