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Important Accessories for
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Observations by J. Ednie 2009

Do Gyrocopters need a horn?
Do Gyroplanes need windshield wipers?
Do Autogyros need lighting systems?
Emergency Balloons?

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Sound a Warning
Show a Flashing Amber Light

It hasn't been a priority design feature or accessory, but a horn on a gyrocopter is something that should be a standard feature. There have been several cases where a gyroplane engine failure has resulted in the pilot being forced to land the gyrocopter on a busy highway. It's not a natural occurrence. A specific horn warning sound is necessary to make those on the ground aware that a gyroplane is over head and about to land near them. But a horn is only part of the safety system. Lighting is also important.

If you were driving on a highway and there was a gyroplane sitting in your lane up a head, would you recognize that it might be stopped and not able to get out of your path? Most likely you wouldn't expect it and be unprepared to stop. That's where a flashing amber light would do the job for the pilot.
A bright flashing amber light would signal to the road vehicles that there was something unusual on the road ahead and you would be prepared to slow down to avoid it.

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Many enclosed autogyros with windscreens are not equipped with windshield wipers. This is mostly because they avoid flying on rainy days or avoid areas where rain is a possibility. However there will be times when a gyroplane is caught in an unexpected down pour. Even if it's only while travelling on the ground, windshield wipers are a benefit for visibility.

An emergency balloon is a good item to carry in an autogyro.
Any gyrocopter that makes an emergency landing in a wilderness area, might not be found for days. An orange balloon on a two hundred foot leash might make it easier to locate a downed gyroplane in an outback area. Emergency use of flare guns are good kit to have, but they don't last very long. A small orange balloon would indicate the position for hours.

Ads-B will become standard instrumentation on all aircraft. see ->

gyroplane = gyrocopter = autogyro

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