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To promote the advancement of knowledge, public education, and safety among gyroplane enthusiasts in Canada.
and among gyroplane enthusiasts around the world.
British bulldog tractor gyrocopter
Gyroplanes (Gyros) have a main keel, pipe frame, to which a seat, engine, controls and mast is attached.
On a "pusher" gyroplane, the pilot sits just in front of the mast. The engine is attached to the rear of the mast.
On an aeroplane type gyroplane (tractor), the pilot is sits behind the mast. The engine is fixed to the front of the fuselage or horizontal frame tube.

Bensen B8M gyrocopter

                RAF2000 at gas station
Flying Cars

                2/180 gyroplane
Cone Stabilizer?

Sager kit
                      RAF2000 gyroplane

A rotor head is on top of the mast, which is attached to the mast via a gimballed head. The gimballed head is linked via a series of push-tubes leading down to a vertical stick between the pilot's legs. Control of the rotor disc is made by manipulation of the stick. The rotor head tilts in all horizontal planes to the movements made by the pilot on the stick. The rotors on nearly all of the gyroplane today, are of the fixed pitch, under-slung, teetering type. By tilting the rotor to the relative airflow, the rotors will pick up enough speed to form a disc. This is the 'wing' that the gyroplane hangs beneath.

Pull back on the "stick" and apply engine power for forward motion and the gyroplane will ascend. In the air, pull back on the stick and reduce engine power and the gyroplane will parachute in a controlled descent. Point the gyroplane into a steady wind, turn off the engine or set to idle and the "gyro" is capable of "floating" over a stationary point.
"In all your getting, get understanding."
"With a moderate headwind a gyroplane can virtually hover with zero ground speed
because of the aeroplane type lift of the overhead rotor blades."

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"So why don't we see gyroplanes flying around our skies today?
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